Can I change my password?


But be aware that others in your agency who use
the Web Site must be informed when the password
is changed.

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What do I do if I forget my password?

Passwords cannot be given out via telephone.  If
you forget your password you must use the "Contact
Us" service on the web site and submit a question
asking that your current password be forwarded to
you.  Your name will be confirmed either through
our contact database or through the state's full
directory and must be associated with the agency
needing the service.  When the requestor's name is
confirmed your password will be forwarded via

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When we look at our active policies and our open
claims how current is the data we are seeing?

The IRF applications server updates the web server
with the most current data once a day.  Therefore,
the data you are seeing should never be more than
24 hours old.

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What is Prepaid legal coverage and how do I apply
for it?

This coverage is designed to pay the costs of
defending legal suits that are not covered under
the Tort Liability Insurance Policy.

     Examples of such suits include:

        Breach of Contract Suits
        Suits seeking injunctive relief
        Suits seeking return of property

An automatic $15,000 coverage is added to your
Tort Liability Policy at no additional charge.

Additional amounts of coverage are avaliable up to
$985,000 at an additional charge of 10% of the
coverage amount chosen.

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What should my agency do in preparation for and
immediately following a severe storm or

Keep in mind that the Insurance Reserve
Fund (IRF) will suspend writing all new
business or increases in coverage whenever
a hurricane watch or warning has been
declared for any part of South Carolina.
Following is a list of suggestions that
could be of value to you during these types of
weather conditions.

1. Please review your coverage and make any
needed adjustments minimally once each renewal

2. If your property is damaged, you will be making
claims to IRF and FEMA.  Detailed documentation is
the key to a smooth claims process.  You should
consider how you are going to document your claim
now.  (Since electrical service will be
interrupted by a hurricane, the initial
documentation will have to be on paper, not

3. Please make temporary repairs to "dry in"
damaged buildings as quickly as possible.  This
will reduce subsequent water damage and speed the
recovery process.  The cost of temporary repairs
to damaged buildings is covered by your IRF
property policies.

4. If you use your employees to make repairs to
damaged buildings, the cost of those employees is
covered by your IRF proprerty policies.  Employee
costs for other recovery activity (i.e. debris
removal) may be covered by FEMA.  In this area in
particular, detailed documentation can allow you
to recover significant amounts from IRF or FEMA.

5. Shortly after the storm passes, IRF staff will
be in the field contacting insureds.  The days
immediately after a storm are chaotic, and
reporting claims may not be possible.  When
communications are restored, please call us to
report a claim at (803) 737-0020.

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How do I report a Tort Claim and what information
do I need to send?

1. As soon as possible, send all pertinent
information regarding Tort Claims to Chris
Lombard, Claims Director. Send claims via e-mail
(, fax (803-737-
0042), or mail. Please keep in
mind that the sooner we receive this information,
the sooner we can begin our investigation.

2. Generally, if a Tort Claim Form has not been
completed (CL-03 in the WORKSHEETS section), we
need to know the date of loss, the name, address,
and telephone number of the person making the
claim, the circumstances regarding the loss
(i.e.; slip & fall, vehicle hit pothole, etc.),
and what damages are being claimed.

3. If possible, photograph the area where the loss

4. Once the claim has been reported to the IRF, an
adjuster will be assigned the loss and will make
contact with you.

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What do I do if I have a Property Claim?

1. Give immediate written notice to the Insurance
Reserve Fund. A property claims form (CL-02) can
be obtained in the WORKSHEETS section.
Send claims via e-mail (,
via fax (803-737-0042), or mail attention
Chris Lombard, Claims Director.

2. If possible, photograph the damages.

3. If a vandalism/theft claim has occured, obtain
a police report.

4. If a fire loss has occured, obtain a fire

5. Protect the property from further damage.

6. Separate the damaged property from undamaged
property and make an inventory of the destroyed

7. Once the claim has been reported to the IRF, an
adjuster will be assigned the loss and will make
contact with you.

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What are the FAX numbers for the Insurance Reserve

The Fax numbers for the Insurance Reserve Fund
departments are :

(803) 737-3832 - Administration
(803) 737-0393 - Underwriting/Information Services
(803) 737-3757 - Medical Professional Liability
(803) 737 0042 - Claims

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