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Auto Insurance Claims:
If you are an auto insurance carrier with a liability/subrogation
claim, please contact our reinsurance carrier directly.
For claims with a date of loss before May 1, 2013 contact:
QBE Specialties/Sedgwick (Formerly - Southeastern Claims Service)
2000 Center Point - Suite 2350
Columbia, SC 29210
Phone: (800) 962-1625
Fax: (866) 251-5389
For claims with a date of loss after May 1, 2013 contact:
American Southern Insurance Company
1611 Devonshire Dr STE 102
Columbia, SC 29204-2444
Phone: (800) 713-2205
Office: (803) 724-5180

Boiler Inspections: (Beginning July 1, 2017)
IRF boiler inspections services are being handled through
a contract with Travelers.Travelers has certified inspectors
who will inspect all boilers, water heaters, or other pressure
vessels as required by LLR and the Boiler Safety Act.
Travelers Contacts:
David Miller, Risk Control Consultant (912) 675-0647
Boiler Contact
For general questions and/or scheduling of insections:
(800) 425-4119
Boiler Questions and/or Inspections